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Who We Are

The Outsourcing Unit draws upon unrivalled contacts with outsourcing researchers throughout the world and has within the LSE Information Systems Information Group over 20 full-time researchers, 50 PhD students and 120 MSc dissertation students.

Professor Leslie Willcocks                        Director             

  • Dr Carsten Sørensen Senior Lecturer:      Mobile, new technologies, networks
  • Dr Will Venters Lecturer:                       Networked Infrastructures, Utility Computing, Distributed Organisations
  • Dr Edgar Whitley Reader:                  outsourcing, privacy, identity
  • Professor Mary Lacity Visiting Professor:  outsourcing, BPO, LPO, high-performance
  • Andrew Craig          Senior Visiting Research Fellow and Operations
  • Dr Maha Shaikh                            Research Fellow
  • Dr Ilan Oshri                                Associate
  • Dr Julia Kotlarsky                         Associate
  • Dr Joe Rottman                            Associate
  • Dr Peter Seddon                           Associate
  • Dr Sara Cullen                              Associate
  • Dr Peter Reynolds                         Associate

PhD Students

  • Eleni Lioliou Outsourcing and Governance
  • Jae Yong Lee IT Outsourcing and Innovation in public sector contexts
  • Raj Mitra Outsourcing, India and the global ICT revolution