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Importance Of Preventive Maintenance For Cars

Repair and car are two words that we do not want to be together. However, unfortunately, we hear them more times than we would like. Hence the need to avoid them as much as possible. But how? Very simple, thanks to preventive maintenance.

Preventive Auto Maintenance

So that we do not have headaches with a breakdown of our car, which costs us a lot of money and that, perhaps, will leave us without our vehicle for a few days, the best thing is to prevent. So the solution is to check our car periodically to correct any fault in time and keep it in top condition.

But this task can take a lot of time and money as well. Taking the car to the service center or mechanic can be a tiring task. Fortunately, technology advances faster every day and has managed to save us a lot of time on tasks that previously took hours or days.

Connectivity and preventive maintenance

It is the connectivity and the advantages of having a WiFi device in your car that can now keep you aware of the adjustments or small fixes that your vehicle requires.

Thanks to a WiFi network system, which constantly monitors the status of your car, you will avoid having to do these preventive checks manually or having to take it to the workshop for major damage.

With this service, such as Movistar Car, you will begin to receive early alerts about possible failures, as well as notifications and reminders of the preventive adjustments your car needs. Also, by connecting to the internet, you will help turn the city into a Smart City.


Doing preventative maintenance on your car will save you good money. Imagine that you receive an alarm that something is not quite right with the engine. With that alert, you take the car for a check-up where they can find the problem immediately and not when the car already has major damage.

Preventive Maintenance For Cars

These early warnings will prevent those costly repairs. With a small investment in your WiFi system for the car, you will enjoy the benefits it offers and above all, you will save a lot of money.


One of the most important points of preventive maintenance, beyond the cost of repairing a breakdown, is safety. What can happen is that you have an accident. No matter what kind of accident it is, anyone can harm you or someone else.

Furthermore, traffic accidents don’t just cost money for the parties involved; the economy, in general, suffers from these. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), traffic accidents cost 3% of GDP in many countries. There are plenty of reasons why whenever you drive you to have to do it safely.

It should be noted that prompt attention to traffic accidents can save most lives. Therefore, the importance of a system that provides a timely alert. Finally, it is important to remember that preventive maintenance must be done for the first 5,000 km. Then at 10,000 km and later every 10,000 km.

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