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Best Apps for Your New Windows PC

Google Drive, WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Hangouts, Google Maps, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams… Nowadays many of the tasks that we carry out in front of the computer involve the use of a web application, an app that works in your browser and that you don’t need to install. However, although they have many advantages, one of the drawbacks of using web applications is that they take up space in the browser’s tab bar, so it is easy to confuse open tabs to make queries with web applications.

online apps

In the past, we have seen the odd solution to transfer your most-used web applications to the Windows, macOS and Linux desktop. One of them is Single box and its purpose is to bring order to your day-to-day by dealing with online applications.

Online Apps, Icons and Shortcuts

Instead of fighting with dozens of open browser tabs, with Single box, you will see your applications in the form of icons with keyboard shortcuts so you can open them and switch from one to another from the keyboard or by clicking on the corresponding icon. So, no matter what applications you use, you will see them all clearly.

Its operation is very simple. It has a catalogue with the most popular online applications from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other large Internet. If you can’t find the one you want, you can add it manually. As for the official list, adding these apps to your main Singlebox window is as easy as clicking on the corresponding Add button.

Among the particularities of Single box, details such as that it has a light theme and a dark theme, has a notification silencer so that you are not bothered with messages or warnings for a period of minutes or hours …

The application itself works as if it were a web browser. This means that the web apps you add will behave normally and work as well as when you open them in your browser. What’s more, you can log in and customize the online tools without a problem.

In the list of compatible online apps, you will find names like Asana, Basecamp, Amazon Drive, Box, Discord, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Gmail and practically the entire Google catalogue including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Translate or hangouts, Houseparty, Instagram, Lucidchart, Microsoft Office, Onedrive and Outlook, Pushbullet, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Soundcloud, Todoist, Trello, etc.

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux, you can download Singlebox for free and try it for 7 days. From there, the free version is limited to two online apps. If you want to enjoy it without limitations, you must acquire a paid license, more than redeemable if you use Singlebox in your day today.

How to Get Free PSN Codes & Gift Cards

Video games nowadays have become one of the most popular kinds of leisure. Thousands of people play with PlayStation every day and hundreds of games are bought in its online market. What if we tell you about the way to get any game you want from the Free PSN Code Generator market absolutely for free? Yes, you have not misheard; there is a possibility to get free money for your desired games with your android device. We proudly present you the free psn code generator for Android operating system. So, if you have ever missed the game sales because of the empty purse or did not have enough money for pre-ordering a game, you know what to do now. Read about the application and forget about paying for games forever.

get free psn codes

Who Can Use This Application for Free ps4 Games?

The application is 100% available for those who have a phone or tablet with Android. You can use this application and tell your friend about it, like playing the favourite games with the company means double fun. The psn code generator is absolutely free to use in any country in the world. So, it is another wonderful opportunity to make friends abroad. Also, it demands no money for installation and further usage. All in all, no matter who are you or where you are right now, you can start accumulation money for the PS games right now. Try it now and become convinced that this is the best way to get free psn codes.

How Does Our PSN Code Generator Work?

The system is really simple. After downloading and installing the application you will see the egg. Each egg in the application contains a psn card inside. You will need to crush the egg in order to get it. The egg can be crushed with special clicks. And the clicks are obtained by fulfilling different tasks from us and our partners. All in all, you will need to get 2 million clicks for breaking each egg. Just two million clicks and one of free psn gift cards is yours. What tasks are you going to do in order to get free PlayStation plus codes? They are very interesting. First of all, you will be able to watch different videos.

psn codes

Sometimes it will be an advertisement from our partners, the next time it will be something interesting for you. Who knows, maybe you will get much useful information from them, plus, this is the shortest and the easiest way to the psn cards. Next one is downloading and installing different applications. You will get handy and supreme applications for free, and, moreover, you will be much closer to the desired psn card. After that, you can download and play different amusing games on your device. This is quite interesting, as you will be playing to get another free game. Our application gives you the wonderful opportunity to win PlayStation free gift cards without changing your daily activity. Next, you will need to pass through different surveys and polls on the Internet. Get the psn card by giving away your opinion to various questions. We bet you will hardly find an as easy way to get games like this one.

Why Do Our PlayStation Gift Card Generator Rules?

You may find a lot of similar applications that will promise you free money for the tasks. However, our application is considered to be the best because of several reasons and advantages that other companies cannot allow. First of all, we spread the application absolutely for free and without any restrictions. More than that, we appreciate if you share it with your friends. Secondly, the variety of the tasks we have got is absolutely amazing. You will spend your psn card hunt the most convenient and amusing way. Thirdly, we do not allow any scum or cheating come between you and your PlayStation free gift cards. You can always count on swift updates and intelligent support. And the last thing is simplicity. All you need to do is to correlate your psn account with our application.

Playstation Codes/Cards

If you only use it sparingly and small amount here and there, flying under the radar, you will be fine. The main advantage of PlayStation® Network Card psn card is the ability to pay for the services in your PlayStation Store with it instead of a credit card.

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Best Apps For Workouts At Home

Health is very important, and sport contributes to it. When you can’t go to the gym, you can get fit at home with these four apps for exercise.

Men’s Sana in corpore Sana’. Sport has a direct effect on our health, both physically and mentally. That is why it is important to dedicate some time of our day to improve our physical condition and stay in shape. However, there is a time when we do not have the possibility to go to the gym, or too long to leave the house, but no problem, we have a solution. If a few days ago we taught you how to burn calories with the game console, now we present you four apps for exercising.

Best apps for workouts

How could it be otherwise, technology has also contributed a lot to the world of amateur sports. And it is that technological and digital advances help us stay healthy and fit, if not to tell Xiaomi devices, which has a huge sports range, or the great benefits of smart bracelets.

Therefore, you have no excuses. Even if you are at home, you can get in shape with useful apps for exercising. Ready to meet them?


One of the best known and with the most followers. It is a fitness app with multiple training plans, from exercises for principals and experts.

It is an app that is used both for indoor workouts and outdoor workouts. The good thing is that for your workouts you will not need material, it is enough and on your body. In addition, in the app, you can create a user to set goals, brands, achievements or routines. If you download it, prepare the water and sugar for the shoelaces the next day. Trust me.


This well-known exercise app is directly related to the well-known brand of activity bracelets. However, do not worry, you will be able to enjoy its multiple tools and activities if you do not have one of them.

A super cool aspect of this application is that it also allows you to record your diet and record levels of your physique, such as weight, hydration and heart rate. Although for this you do need a smart bracelet …


It is the most ‘healthy’ version of all since it also includes healthy nutrition tools. In addition, it includes lighter routines and Yoga exercises.

It could be said that it is a kind of personal trainer that you keep on your mobile. It will tell you the workout routines and healthy meal plan that benefits you the most and, according to its website, it will bring about a lifestyle change. What sounds great?

7 Minute Training

It seems to me that the name of the app does not deceive anyone, right? It is an application that organizes quite intense workouts for you. This app responds to people who cannot make a hole in their day to do sports and, therefore, it prepares you with hard short training sessions. Like the previous ones, you can also choose the level of difficulty.

The Best Weather Apps You Can Put On Your Phone

In addition to looking at the time and consulting maps, weather applications are usually one of the most popular on smartphones. All this, thanks to the information that experts can collect today, and that we can freely consult on the Internet through pages and mobile applications.

best weather apps

But being informed is not at odds with the fact that the application that provides us with information is ugly or does not have an attractive interface. In the case of meteorology, there are so many possibilities that you can display weather forecasts and maps in many ways visually.

Here is a selection of weather apps to find out the forecast in your locality while enjoying attractive images and graphics.

Today Weather

One of the most visually attractive meteorology applications is Today Weather, an app that knows how to dress information of all kinds with colour charts, tables and images from all over the world.

With night mode and normal mode, Today Weather is used to know what the weather will be today and during the next hours and days, temperatures, speed and direction of the weather, humidity, possibility of rain. You will also get useful data on air quality and ultraviolet rays.

Today Weather also allows you to keep track of several cities or places to know the climate of different corners of the planet. Other advantages of this app are that it collects data from multiple sources and allows activating weather alerts.

Weather Underground

Although Weather Underground starts from its website to offer information and weather news, it also has two mobile applications for you to install on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Ready to give you information on more than 200,000 weather stations.

What does this app offer? To begin with, the classic tab of the city you are in. Map of the place in question, real, maximum, minimum and sensation temperatures, hourly and daily forecast, humidity.

Of course, you can generate a list of favourite places to see the weather of different parts of the planet. To this, we must add customizable warnings, an interactive map with temperatures and weather stations …

Another of the peculiarities of Weather Underground is that it has a dark mode, special reports, ten-day forecasts, etc.


AccuWeather can also be viewed from the browser and as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for travelling or to move around the city.

Among the peculiarities of AccuWeather highlights a large amount of information and data displayed on the screen. In addition, by changing the tab you will get 7 and 15-day forecasts, maps, warnings for severe weather, data such as radiation or air quality …

Of course, AccuWeather allows you to search for places by hand, create a list of favourite places, have a preferred location, etc.

The Best Photo Editing Apps For Android and iOS

Current applications allow you to take advantage of all the possibilities of your phone’s camera. And that includes ageing your photos. Little can be said about digital photography that we have not already said. Nowadays it is possible to apply all kinds of effects and changes to an image by pressing the button of a mobile app. And we can even change how a photograph will look before taking it.

photo editing apps

In the case of Android, the applications that apply effects before and after taking a photo with the camera of your phone are very popular. Plus, they are so easy to use that anyone can get spectacular images with little effort.

Below we have compiled a selection of Android effects apps specialized in obtaining images that look like they were made in the past. Applications to age your photos before or after taking them to make them look like vintage or retro photos.

Candy Film Mini

Polaroid cameras were very popular, but it seems they are more so now. Applications like Candy Film Mini imitate the style of those cameras that printed the photograph once it was made.

With this app, it is possible to choose between several possible themes so that the images obtained seem the eighties. In addition, it offers limitations according to the original camera. For example, you can only take 10 photos a day.

Another peculiarity of Candy Film Mini is that to obtain the photograph you must shake your phone. As was done with the paper issued by the original Polaroid cameras.

Huji Cam

Photographs in the 90s style. Even with the date retouched to look like it was made in 1998. Huji Cam allows you to photograph in analogue style, with spots of light and other effects that were once considered errors and are now a retro or vintage touch.

Huji Cam

Among other things, you can change the format of the image and the false date. Also, once you have taken the photo you can share it or download it to your device.

Retro Camera

Building on 12 cameras that really existed, Retro Camera offers a dozen effects to give your photos of today a touch of yesterday.

To age, your images you just have to choose the desired style, camera or effect and you will get an instant retro photograph that you can save or share on social networks or with other apps.

Film effect, black and white, sepia, overexposure … Some of them will remind you of those you can find on Instagram.

Retro Filter

Another Android app to age your photos is Retro Filter, full of vintage effects, more than 30.

For this purpose, light filters, more than 50, must be added to alter how your newly made photograph will look with your Android. Retro Filter allows you to make changes to your images before and after doing it.

With Retro Filter, you will obtain images with a watermark of an old date, spots of light and some colour tones more typical of analogue photography than the quality that current cameras allow.