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The Best Weather Apps You Can Put On Your Phone

In addition to looking at the time and consulting maps, weather applications are usually one of the most popular on smartphones. All this, thanks to the information that experts can collect today, and that we can freely consult on the Internet through pages and mobile applications.

best weather apps

But being informed is not at odds with the fact that the application that provides us with information is ugly or does not have an attractive interface. In the case of meteorology, there are so many possibilities that you can display weather forecasts and maps in many ways visually.

Here is a selection of weather apps to find out the forecast in your locality while enjoying attractive images and graphics.

Today Weather

One of the most visually attractive meteorology applications is Today Weather, an app that knows how to dress information of all kinds with colour charts, tables and images from all over the world.

With night mode and normal mode, Today Weather is used to know what the weather will be today and during the next hours and days, temperatures, speed and direction of the weather, humidity, possibility of rain. You will also get useful data on air quality and ultraviolet rays.

Today Weather also allows you to keep track of several cities or places to know the climate of different corners of the planet. Other advantages of this app are that it collects data from multiple sources and allows activating weather alerts.

Weather Underground

Although Weather Underground starts from its website to offer information and weather news, it also has two mobile applications for you to install on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Ready to give you information on more than 200,000 weather stations.

What does this app offer? To begin with, the classic tab of the city you are in. Map of the place in question, real, maximum, minimum and sensation temperatures, hourly and daily forecast, humidity.

Of course, you can generate a list of favourite places to see the weather of different parts of the planet. To this, we must add customizable warnings, an interactive map with temperatures and weather stations …

Another of the peculiarities of Weather Underground is that it has a dark mode, special reports, ten-day forecasts, etc.


AccuWeather can also be viewed from the browser and as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for travelling or to move around the city.

Among the peculiarities of AccuWeather highlights a large amount of information and data displayed on the screen. In addition, by changing the tab you will get 7 and 15-day forecasts, maps, warnings for severe weather, data such as radiation or air quality …

Of course, AccuWeather allows you to search for places by hand, create a list of favourite places, have a preferred location, etc.

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