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Best Apps for Your New Windows PC

Google Drive, WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Hangouts, Google Maps, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams… Nowadays many of the tasks that we carry out in front of the computer involve the use of a web application, an app that works in your browser and that you don’t need to install. However, although they have many advantages, one of the drawbacks of using web applications is that they take up space in the browser’s tab bar, so it is easy to confuse open tabs to make queries with web applications.

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In the past, we have seen the odd solution to transfer your most-used web applications to the Windows, macOS and Linux desktop. One of them is Single box and its purpose is to bring order to your day-to-day by dealing with online applications.

Online Apps, Icons and Shortcuts

Instead of fighting with dozens of open browser tabs, with Single box, you will see your applications in the form of icons with keyboard shortcuts so you can open them and switch from one to another from the keyboard or by clicking on the corresponding icon. So, no matter what applications you use, you will see them all clearly.

Its operation is very simple. It has a catalogue with the most popular online applications from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other large Internet. If you can’t find the one you want, you can add it manually. As for the official list, adding these apps to your main Singlebox window is as easy as clicking on the corresponding Add button.

Among the particularities of Single box, details such as that it has a light theme and a dark theme, has a notification silencer so that you are not bothered with messages or warnings for a period of minutes or hours …

The application itself works as if it were a web browser. This means that the web apps you add will behave normally and work as well as when you open them in your browser. What’s more, you can log in and customize the online tools without a problem.

In the list of compatible online apps, you will find names like Asana, Basecamp, Amazon Drive, Box, Discord, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Gmail and practically the entire Google catalogue including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Translate or hangouts, Houseparty, Instagram, Lucidchart, Microsoft Office, Onedrive and Outlook, Pushbullet, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Soundcloud, Todoist, Trello, etc.

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux, you can download Singlebox for free and try it for 7 days. From there, the free version is limited to two online apps. If you want to enjoy it without limitations, you must acquire a paid license, more than redeemable if you use Singlebox in your day today.

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